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Media Organizer 3
File Version:
Size: 7.3MB
Download Media Organizer 3 - Includes import utility to import your data from version 2.21. Has the updated Wizard DLL.
Size: 648KB
Brings verion 3 of the Media Organizer to the latest version. If the about box does not display the file version, or the file version is not, use this to get to the latest version.
Size: 544KB
Fixes a problem when importing data from another Media Organizer 3 database using Windows XP Professional.
Extract the file into the directory that the Media Organizer was installed.
Select Yes to overwrite the existing file if prompted.
Size: 12KB
Download and unzip this file into the same folder that Media Organizer was installed if you get a message saying 'QRCHECKBOXES.BPL was not found'.